bittersweet nightshade (Solanum dulcamara)

The scientific name is Solanum dulcamara.
The Bittersweet is a climbing shrub that grows along the walls, growing in all types of terrain. It is a plant native to Europe and Asia, spreading around the world.
This medicinal plant belongs to the the Solanaceae plant family.
The Bittersweet is a perennial herb can reach 4 m. high. The stem of this plant is slender and cylindrical, branched, brown.
The leaves of this plant are 4-12 cm. long arrowhead and lobed.
Bittersweet flowers arranged in clusters of 3-20 and consist of five purple petals and yellow stamens.
The fruit of this herb is scarlet red when ripe, ovoid, and poisonous to humans and livestock.
Birds are capable of feeding on the fruits of this plant without problem.
Solanum dulcamara is used as a medicinal plant for skin conditions and allergies of Herpes.
The stem or root of this plant is used for tea, the leaves are digested, pure, and they cannot be put in hot water because they are its medicinal properties.
This herb is applied in cases of: inflammation of the prostate, diabetes, gastritis, tumors in the ovaries, menstrual cramps, cysts, asthma, bronchitis, migraine, AIDS, hair loss, gangrene, diabetic wounds, swellings, pimples, bumps, burns , warts, vaginal inflammation, etc..

Recipes from this herb:

Cooking: The decoction of the stems of this plant has diuretic properties, cleansing, sweat and slightly sedative. In addition, taste, slightly bitter stimulates gastric secretions, which is indicated as an appetizer. Prepare a decoction of 20 gr. tender stems and leaves of Solanum dulcamara crushed per liter of water. When you release the boil, strain, and can have a cup every 6 hours. Taking a cup before bed, can act as a mild sleeping pill.

Poultice: To soften pimples and boils. Prepare one liter of red wine, 4 handfuls of leaves and stems of Solanum dulcamara pounded, 125 gr. flaxseed flour and 200 gr. unsalted butter or lard. Boil over low heat and stir until it is consistent. Apply as hot as the skin that can resist.

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