Burning bush (Dictamnus albus)

The Burning bush is a plant belonging to the plant family Rutaceae.
The scientific name of this herb is Dictamnus albus.
Dictamnus albus grown in some thick bush and forest. This plant is rare and scarce.
This plant is very fragrant; stem is straight, simple, and smooth on the heel and torments at the apex.
The upper leaves of this herb are sessile and oval, the lower petioles comprised of oval, serrated edge and petioles. The beam was slightly stormy leaves and the undersides glabrous.
The flowers of this herb have five petals, which can be color: yellow, pink and white and are grouped into single clusters.
The flowers of this medicinal plant have medicinal properties such as aromatic, stimulant, digestive, carminative and antispasmodic.
The most common form of consumption of flowers is an infusion.
Care should be taken as well as having medicinal properties; this plant can be toxic mild and mild abortive.
The leaves and flowers of this plant are rich in substance. We have also found an alkaloid called dictamnina which is slightly toxic and exerts its actions mainly on the uterus.
This herb is also composed of furocoumarins responsible dermatitis appears if you touch the money.
For your collection gloves are needed, or if this is not possible, avoid wet skin and sun exposure.

Recipes from this medicinal plant

Infusion: With waving Burning bush can prepare an infusion of 1 gr. freshly collected fresh leaves per cup of hot water. Take two cups a day, after the main meals. You may prepare this tea from the fresh bark of the root, obtaining the same effects.

Decoction: In a proportion of 2%, is prepared simmer the herb in water for a while. If we start from the dried plant, the proportion of active ingredients is considerably diminished, it is appropriate to increase the time of decoction.

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