Cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa)

Cat’s claw is a medicinal plant that grows in many tropical forest countries. The scientific name of this herb is Uncaria tomentosa. This plant is in the family Rubiaceae.
This herb can also be found with the following common names: Samento, Saventaro, Hawk Claw, Scribble, Peace and Justice, Bejuco cat, and Uña de gato (in Spanish).
Cat’s claw is climbing shrub, vine grows to form among the nearby trees.
This herb has simple leaves, with acute apex, base obtuse, entire edge of 17 cm. long by 10 cm. wide, color is yellowish green,
The stem of this medicinal plant is a vine up to 20 m. long, with young branches quadrangular, woody, and have solid spines 2 cm. long.
The flowers of these medicinal plants are yellow, the corolla is funnel-shaped, 5 cm. long by 0.6 mm. diameter, and are hermaphroditic.
The fruits of  Uncaria tomentosa capsules bivalves are about 12 mm. long.
The seeds of these plants are dicotyledonous, longitudinally, up to 4 mm. long.
Among its medicinal properties is that cat’s claw has various anti-inflammatory properties, such as arthritis, gastritis, skin inflammations and genital tract.
Applied treatments of tumors and certain types of cancer. It was also discovered recently that served in the treatment of AIDS. Effective in gastric ulcer and viral processes.

Health benefits of cat claw

It is known that it has a germicidal effect. It is one of the best known antiviral plants in the world.

It can be used in the treatment of pain caused by rheumatism. The positive effect of cat claws on rheumatoid arthritis patients has been investigated. In many patients, it is observed that it is especially good for pain in rheumatic diseases.

Reduces stress and calms down because of its soothing effect.

Provides relaxation in spite of nervous disorders such as tension, stress and fear.

Cat paw weed can be used in neural headaches.

If used against insomnia, soothe and calm the human.

Good for dizziness and headaches.

It has a calming effect on the nervous system. It can be used especially because of its soothing effect.

Reduces high blood pressure. Because of the ability to lower blood pressure, it is possible to increase circulation and prevent coagulation.

Recipes from this herb:

Cat’s claw can be used in teas, Dyeing and Dry matter, perhaps the most effective preparation in tablet form 100 to 500 mg.

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