Common wheat or bread wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Common wheat or bread wheat is a medicinal plant with the scientific name:  Triticum aestivum, and belongs to the family Poaceae.
Common Wheat is an annual plant that grows upright, about a meter high.
The flowers grow in a bouquet, consisting of a more or less dense spike may be short or long, depending on the different species of wheat.
Common Wheat is grown throughout the world. It is thought that the first species of this herb from Asia Minor and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.
The cultivation of this cereal is very old; they have found remains of the herb of the Paleolithic era.
This herb is mainly composed of starch, protein substances as well (gluten) and a minimum percentage of body fat. It also contains some cellulose and water.
Is almost exclusively for the manufacture of bread, have good taste and be easy to digest.
We recommend eating whole wheat bread, to possess many virtues.
Wheat is considered an excellent nutrient, and if we let the bran, has laxative and febrifuge.
The wheat is usually consumed as bread.
Bran (a component of wheat) can also be purchased separately, being a very good fiber.
It is also known semolina wheat grain is not baked, highly recommended for convalescents, to consume in the form of soups.

Recipes from this medicinal plant:

In cases of constipation recommend taking 15 gr. a mixture of oat bran.

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