Health benefits of ginger

This medicinal plant is native to southern Asia, but is now cultivated in many warm regions, the largest producer of ginger is Jamaica, India and china is produced too. This medicinal plant was used in the Roman Empire.The common name of this medicinal plant is Ginger, but can be found with this name: Kion. The scientific name of this plant is medicinal Zingiber officinale. Ginger is a medicinal plant that belongs to the family Zingiberaceae. Ginger is a perennial sore that measure up to about 2 m. in height. The stems of this plant are reddish appearance of leaves. The leaves of this medicinal plant are lanceolate, up to 20 cm long, and its flowers are white and grow in spikes. The ginger root has a strong flavor, a spicy tano, similar to the lemon. The root of these medicinal plants is composed of acids (Aspartic, ascorbic acid, glutamine, oleic, etc..) Gingerol, fiber, amino acids. The herbal medicine in general is: essential oils (limonene, canfeno, etc.), Minerals (aluminum, boron, chromium, cobalt, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, zinc).

Health benefits of ginger

Used for medicinal purposes is essentially the root of these medicinal plants. You can consume the root of this plant in medicinal teas, natural (in meals, salads, or as a spice), and also preparing tablets and pharmaceutical tablets. As a medicinal plant, ginger is very useful in problems such as diarrhea, intestinal disorders, reduces nausea or vomiting like different in nature, either in the movement of travel (boat, plane, train, etc.) Chemotherapy  for, pregnancy, etc. In addition, this plant will help in medical problems of diarrhea, ulcers, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol, heart disease, controlling the symptoms of flu, colds, sinusitis, arthritis, inflammation is very good for the pain of grinding wheels for bad breath and also used as an aphrodisiac.

This medicinal plant is considered a good aphrodisiac, and that stimulates sexual desire and arousal in men. It is important not to abuse the intake of this medicinal plant as it can cause stomach acid, gastritis, etc. Should not consume people who have trouble clotting of blood, nor children.

Recipes from this medicinal plant:

Infusion: Place a teaspoon of dried root of this medicinal plant per cup of water.

Should be taken hot, add lemon and honey, 2 cups per day. The infusion of this medicinal plant helps fight the flu, and all the symptoms she drags, such as headache, chills, fever and help in the cold. This infusion is also used for sinus problems.

Natural intake: a way to eat (chew) is a medicinal plant is verging  small amounts in salads, and also gives a distinct flavor and very tasty.   Consuming raw medicinal plant relieves headaches, eating a small piece of ginger and a few minutes amazingly relieves pain.

Infusion (arthritis): due to the infusion of a handful of roots of this medicinal plant in 1 liter of water. The liquid obtained from this medicinal plant has to be applied very hot for about 20 minutes on the joints, this procedure can be repeated every 6 hours.

Toothache: in that case you can chew a small piece of this medicinal plant on the affected area.

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