health benefits of onions (Allium cepa L.)

The scientific name of onion is Allium cepa L. This plant belongs to the plant family Liliaceae.
This medicinal plant has a bulbous root with layered fleshy scales, covered with a white colored tunic, purple or yellow.
The stem of the onion has a widest part at the base, is herbaceous and can reach 1 m. high. The leaves of this plant are almost cylindrical and green. The flowers of Allium cepa L. are white or purple.
This herb has medicinal properties such as stomach, expectorant, vermifuge, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, ant rheumatic, and cosmetics.

The onion is made up of Allicin, butane and etiltritiahexano. Protein substances, alicyclic compounds, essential oil. Like garlic, onions contain disulfide alilpropilo (from allicin).
Flavonoids: quercetin, water, reducing sugars, sucrose, glucoquinine, pectin, inulin, acrolein, vitamins A, B and C, minerals (iron, magnesium, fluorine, sulfur, calcium, potassium, phosphorus), fiber, among other compounds.
The leaves also contain vitamin C, even three times that of the bulb.
For every 100 gr. raw onion, there are 33 Calories.
One of the most frequent uses of onion is eaten raw, is an excellent diuretic and helps to dissolve gravel and stones.
The water in the Allium cepa L. is a good vermifuge.

Recipes from this medicinal herb:

It leaves a chopped onion in water all night, and morning resulting liquid is ingested on an empty stomach. You can also boil onions in ¼ pint of milk. In this case will take 2 tablespoons, lying down and fasting. This preparation serves as a vermifuge.

Tea: in flu cases is recommended to take 200 gr. of this medicinal plant crushed and mixed with hot tea, 3 times a day.

Insects: a piece of Allium cepa L. is applied by rubbing over the area bitten by insects. Relieves pain and helps reduce irritation. Applied on the skin, it also serves as a repellent against insects. Also applied to chilblains disappear.

Cleaner: The juice of onions is also used to remove rust and is an excellent glass cleaner.

Liquor: for gallstones will often succeed the liquor of this herb. It is prepared with one liter of cane and 600 gr. of this medicinal plant trail. Allow macerating for 10 days, filtered and guard in a dark bottle and cover tightly. It is recommended to take 2 teaspoons before each meal.

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