health benefits of raspberries

The Raspberry is a kind of medicinal plant belonging to the family Rosaceae, its botanical name is Rubus idaeus. The Raspberry is a shrub about 2 m. tall, erect and branched stems, with small spines. The Raspberry is reminiscent of other related plant: blackberry, but with characteristics that make them easily distinguishable, and the presence of Raspberry bush with thorns on the stem but with a much smaller size and strength than the blackberry. It is a kind of medicinal plantblan1quesina bark and branches are flexible at the tips. The leaves of these medicinal plants have jagged edges. The roots of these shrubs are tracked. The flowers of this shrub are arranged at the apex of the branches are five petals and white, we can see during the months of May and June, the flowers, after fertilization and subsequent maturation, provide a reddish fruit, which releases the aroma and flavor. The fruits of these medicinal plants are known as raspberries, small fruit-shaped, globular, fragrant, and bright red. From the medical point of view, the raspberry leaves used as a diuretic, as it contains organic acids, etc. Raspberry Rubus idaeus corrects the problems of constipation, as act as a laxative used internally. Externally acts as an astringent and anti-inflammatory, as it contains up to ten per cent of tannin in the leaves. The fruits (raspberries) are rich in vitamins, malic acid, oxalic, tartaric, essences and sugar, so it is used in the manufacture of flavors and the preparation of soft drinks and food supplements. They also have diuretic properties. They can be eaten fresh or sweet jams. If you like, you can prepare a syrup to consume immediately. Prepare 250 gr sifting. of crushed raspberries. The pulp obtained after it is mixed with sugar and drunk directly, you can cut with a little fresh water as well.

health benefits of raspberries

The raspberry that removes the blood from the body throws the toxins in the body.

Candy and kidney disease can consume the raspberry fresh.

Raspberries give the body vitality when it eats fruit.

Enables tissues to strengthen and tighten.

Used in fever diseases, raspberries help to reduce fever.

It is rich in vitamin A.

Tuberculosis is a source of healing in diseases of anemia and rheumatism.

Provides the removal of constipation is diuretic.

When the flowers of raspberry are boiled and gargled, it is good for gum discomfort.

When the mask is applied to the face with raspberries, acne and acne are removed.

Syrup made with raspberries is used in sweets.

It is effective in leukemia disorders.

Recipes for this herb:

Juice: The liquid obtained is used as a gargle for treating sore throat, cold sores and eye wash in conjunctivitis cases.

Cooking: Place 40 grams of leaves are added to a liter of boiling water, letting it boil 10 minutes. Then remove from heat, and allow 12 minutes contact with water, still warm, and added two grams of salt.

Infusion: for use as a diuretic, kidney stones and cystitis. 3 gr. Raspberry leaf added to 250 milliliters of water, previously boiled, leaving it for twelve minutes away from light. You can drink 3 cups a day to use as a diuretic, kidney stones and cystitis.

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