Large leaf linden

The Largeleaf linden is a medicinal tree that belongs to the family Tiliaceae. There are about 10 species of this medicinal plant, but the more important is Tilia platyphyllos (scientific name). The Largeleaf linden trees are medicinal plants from temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. These plants live naturally in forest shade, no more than 1500 m. elevation. The Tilia platyphyllostree is a deciduous medicine, which is very common to find in the gardens. Largeleaf linden is of good size, measuring between 20 and 40 m tall, straight trunk and narrow, and provides shade for being very dense. These medicinal plants are very long, can live 900 years. These plants have large leaves, measuring 8 to 14 cm. long, and have heart-shaped. These plant healing leaves are aromatic and herbaceous flavor. The apex is pointed and the edges are jagged. The color of the leaves is dark green, and is arranged along the branches. The flowers of these plants are born small and sustained for a long capita which is a kind of long, narrow leaf, a pale green, and the tip of about 5 flowers born capita. The flowers of the plant healing have a calyx of five sepals. They are pale yellow. The stamens are numerous, and have filaments free, white. The flowers of  Tilia platyphyllos have a mild and pleasant smell. The fruit is hairy, oval, is dry at maturity, and never opens. The most important property of this medicinal that has the style is its soothing ability, because their flowers taken in infusion are very effective. Among other properties such as plant healingis is fighting colds, coughs and other ailments.

Recipes from this medicinal plant:

Place in a tea cup boiling water to which they should place the Tilia platyphyllos flowers, the quantity of flowers of lime applied, depends on the desired calming effect. For more flowers, more sedative. I will drink it after meals, as it lessens the acidity of the stomach.

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