Rue Plant(Ruta graveolens L.)

Rue is a medicinal plant whose scientific name is Ruta graveolens L., and belongs to the plant family Rutaceae.
Common name in Spanish: Ruda
Rue is a perennial medicinal plant, the color is gray-green, and a medicinal plant is very fragrant.
Ruta graveolens L. has erect stems that can reach 60-80 cm. in height.
The rough and has small yellow flowers with 4 petals, and fruit are brown capsules that contain black seeds inside.
It regards its functions as a medicinal plant, used to the rough: the nerves, the headache, the dizziness, palpitations, stomach pains, and increases the resistance of capillaries. Rue is also used to induce menstruation.
This medicinal plant is composed of essential oils, esters, aliphatic ketones, alcohols, coumarins and furanocumarinas, vitamin C, alkaloids Quinol, quercetin, resin, ascorbic acid, malic acid, tannins, lignans, among others.

Benefits of Rue:

Helps you sweat.

It’s expectorant. It facilitates and streamlines the period of men in women.

It opens the appetite and facilitates digestion.

It has soothing and soothing effect.

Worm (wolf) has a lowering effect.

It relieves eye strain. (It is applied to the eyes with the help of cotton.)

Recipes from this medicinal plant:

Infusion (Tea): Place a teaspoon of dry Rue 1 / 4 liters of water to boiling. It is used as a spasmolytic, mild sedative and regulator of heart. It is not advisable to drink more than 2 cups a day, and provided by medical prescription, as this medicinal plant as well as being very beneficial also contains toxic compounds. This medicinal plant is contraindicated among pregnant women.

Wash: In external use, this herbal medicine used for eye baths, ulcers, wounds and gargle.

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