silver fir essential oil benefits (Abies alba herb )

Silver fir is a tree that can grow to 60 m. high. It is a tree native to the mountainous regions of Europe. It can also be called white or silver fir.
The scientific name is Abies alba herb and belongs to the plant family Pinaceae.
It’s a straight trunk tree; bark gray, glass pyramid-shaped. It is an evergreen tree.
Abies alba flowers can be male or female.
This medicinal plant has red fruit about 5 cm. wide, where are the seeds.
The Silver fir tree blooms in spring and cones mature during the following autumn.
For medicinal purposes are used leaves, bark, resin and sprouts.
Outbreaks are obtained resin and an essence composed of limonene and pinene.
Glycosides from the leaves and get piceina.
From the bark of  Silver Fir obtain cellulose, minerals and tannins.
Resin found in turpentine.
Destilando this turpentine, usually in water vapor at temperatures not too high you get the essence, among other compounds.
It has properties similar to those of pine.
It also has soothing properties, expectorant, healing, influenza and diuretic.

Recipes from this herb:

Infusion is made from the buds or the leaves of this herb.

Tincture: It should take 10 to 20 drops of tincture Abies alba, three times a day.

A short list of the main benefits of this oil is;

Relieves arthritis pain
Treats bronchitis
Fights with cold symptoms
Reduces coughing
Reduces influenza symptoms
Heals muscular pain
Relieves Rheumatic Symptoms
Sinusitis is good
Takes fatigue
Prevents infections
Reduces pain
Has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
Improves bone health
Improves respiratory function
Accelerates metabolism
Applies detox to the body
Reduces sweat odor
It is a natural antiseptic

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