white brush (Aloysia gratissima)

The White Brush is a medicinal plant that serves as a digestive stomach.
This medicinal plant is recommended in cases of digestive disorders due to nerves.
It also serves to aid in heart disease.
The scientific name of this herb is Aloysia gratissima, and belongs to the family Verbenaceae.
This growing medicinal silver mountain areas, in ravines, across South America and grows wild, but widely cultivated in gardens. In Europe can be grown in temperate zones.
This herb may also be known in Spanish as Cedrón.
The part used for this herb is its leaves.
The White Brush is a medicinal plant with a distinctive citrus aroma, lemon more precisely.
The White Brush is a shrub that can reach up to 3 m. high, its branches are thorny, and its woody trunk.
The leaves of this herb are simple and opposite, green and white on the underside.
The flowers of these medicinal plants are small, white, fragrant, and grow in axillary one or in groups. It blooms in spring and summer.
The leaves and stems of Aloysia gratissima are rich in essential oil, which is one of those responsible for their duties to treat digestive disorders.

Recipes from this herb:

Infusion:  should be placed about 15 gr. leaves of this herb in a quart of boiling water. The leaves used should preferably be collected in spring or early fall.
The infusion of this herb is very good digestive, carminative, antispasmodic, and also served in cases of stomach pains.
It can also consume mild sedative.

In Gastronomy: The dried leaves and chopped of these medicinal plants can be used to flavor dishes and salad dressings.

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